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Hải An
11 November 1989
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☆Hello. My name is An and I'm a 21 year old Vietnamese girl ☆I'm one of those who got into Japanese culture and the country itself through manga, Japanese music, movies and such, but I'm not one of those who like to overact and show off about that ☆I'm studying Japanese and my goal is to study abroad in Japan after graduation ☆I love artistic and beautiful things and I would love to meet people who have the same opinion about art and beauty as me ☆I LOVE a Japanese rock band called D'espairsRay. Not just a fandom, but to me this band is also an obsession and an inspiration. If you don't know anything about them, or worse, it doesn't make sense to you why someone should spend that much time fangirling over a band, you shouldn't add me, well for your own good ☆In case you believe in horoscope, I'm a typical A blood type Scorpion ☆This journal is used to keep me updated with my fandom and to meet nice people all over the world. If you think we have something in common, please don't hesitate to become my friend :D I'm nice, or at least bearable, that I can guarantee ;) ☆Leave a comment on my Friends-only entry to be added. Random adds without saying any word will be ignored, as I don't need a long friend-list filled with strange names ★And wow, you actually read all this? That made me happy, thanks :D

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